The brand 1881 is number 1 in providing directory assistance, white pages, yellow pages and also high quality maps in Norway. 1881 is connected with the Norwegian market from the very beginning and the history dates back more than 130 years. Today the web site 1881 is usually the starting point for all searches for private persons as well as for the companies.
Services offered by 1881 consist of yellow pages internet, yellow pages mobile, yellow pages apps (Android and iPhone), white pages internet, white pages mobile, white pages apps (Android and iPhone). All offered services are accompanied by high quality maps (photo and satellite, bird’s eye view and hybrid).
1881 offers searches for private individuals, companies, addresses, telephone numbers etc. There is approximately 50.000 changes in the database every day, which makes 1881 the most updated and the latest telephone directory in Norway. Information listed on each individual or company may vary, but include name, address, telephone number, e-mail, website, shareholders and much more.